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1.7.7 Les Papineau
de Bordeaux et La Rochelle.(annexe 1)  

from: Jean-Yves Papineau
    November 2000,
to: Anthony Papineau, Clemmens,
    North-Carolina, U.S.A.

                    Hello Anthony.
Here is a token internet present........
It is a copy of the original christening record of your g-g-g-great grand-mother  
Anne Papineau Lamarque,

as copied in Bordeaux, France, last month.
It is in old French and with spelling errors,reads as follows:

Du  Jeudy 9e Juillet 1648
A esté baptisée Anne Lamarque, fille de Louis Lamarque, et de Marie papineau, paroisse Ste Colombe (de Bordeaux), par(ra)in J(e)an Papineau, mar(ra)ine  aussi papineau,
Nasquit le 7e de ce mois à 7 heures du soir. (signature)

english translation:

On Thursday 9th of July 1648
Was baptized Anne Lamarque, daughter of Louis Lamarque and of Marie papineau, parish of Ste Colombe. Godfather Jean Papineau, godmother also papineau. Was born 7th of this month at 7 o'clock in the evening. (signature)

Archives départementales de la Gironde,
Bordeaux, Paroisse de St-André,

microfilm # M I 3401.

   1. - Jean Papineau, the godfather is the brother of Marie Papineau. The godmother is most likely his wife Jeanne Dautieges Papineau, a couple who had 6 children, all baptized at St-André.
Do not mistake this family with that of Jean Papineau, the Huguenot of distant Niort (200    miles north) who crossed to England and then to New-England around 1698 and founded the Popenoe and Poppino U.S.A. lines. We have not so far found a link between        these two Papineau families nor with that of Samuel Papineau's ancestors in Montigny, 50 miles north of Niort.
   2. - Marie's other brother, Olivier, who died in 1684, became King's Counsellor and banker in La Rochelle. He is not mentioned but he could have been at Anne's christening. Olivier's son, Pierre-Louis, a bachelor, also King's counsellor in La Rochelle, is our best chance to find if there is a linkage with Jean the Huguenot, of Niort, since both families gave funds to merchant Gabriel Bernon in 1686 for investing in America.

   3.- In those days, baptisms in Bordeaux were all done at the bishop's church of St-Andre. However marriages and burials were allowed at St-Colombe church where the Lamarque family worshipped.


   4. - It is very obvious that the Papineau-Lamarque families were Catholics, probably as far back as Marie's father, Pierre Papineau who was identified in Bordeaux in 1605 when he obtained his title of "bourgeois".

Herewith a copy of the original christening certificate of Anne Papineau Lamarque, dated 9th. July 1648.