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The "Papineau of Québec" site (under construction) contains 10 pages, one per generation since the arrival in New-France in 1688 of the first pioneer, Samuel Papineau.
(The first generation is almost complete.
The following generations, partly done,are still being researched)

Each page will include chapters covering the genealogy of that generation when available, the historical backdrop of their lives, background research documents, a bibliography and links to other related web sites, including those of other Papineau pioneers who came to America in the 17th. and 18th. century.

This site strives to present the true and documented, or especially for the first generations, the most probable story of the Papineau saga.

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        (10 generations with the author's lineage as a reference)

  •   génération1  Samuel Papineau dit Montigny   (1670-1737)
  •    génération2   Joseph Papineau dit Montigny (1719-1785)
  •    génération3 Joseph Papineau                      (1752-1841)
  •    génération4    Denis-Benjamin Papineau        (1789-1854)
  •    génération5 Augustin-Cyrille Papineau          (1828-1913)
  •    génération6    Joseph-Victor Papineau          (1863-1942)
  •    génération7 Augustin-Jean Papineau            (1888-1968)
  •    génération 8   Jean-Yves Papineau  (the author) (1929-----)
  •                          who has 1 brother and 3 sisters
  •    génération9  Luc Papineau                                (1959-----)
  •                          who has 4 sisters
  •    génération10   Vincent Papineau                        (1992-----)
  •    who has 1 sister plus 8 first cousins and 24 second cousins:
  •   three of them bear the name of Samuel, their first ancestor.
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